Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Government of Canada

The Government of Canada

Reference Section:

Government of Canada. Retrieved Sept. 27, 2005, from

Grade Level: 10

Subject: Social Studies

Brief Description of Activity:

Students will go to a website, in which they will have to read about the structure and functions of the Canadian government. They will then research one particular Department or Agency of their choice within the government’s structure.  The website the students will visit is The students will also be assigned to answer one of the top 25 most frequently asked questions of the Canadian government.

General Learner Outcome: understanding the role, rights and responsibilities of a citizen in a democratic society and a citizen in the global community

Specific Learner Outcomes: the structure and functions of government in Canada are important.

ICT Outcomes:
C.1.4.2    select information from appropriate sources, including primary and secondary sources

F.2.4.1   use technology outside formal classroom settings

F.2.4.7   use current, reliable information sources from around the world

P.1.4.1   continue to demonstrate the outcomes achieved in prior grades and course subjects

Rationale for Computer Integration:

Computers have been integrated into this assignment to allow students to access and familiarize themselves with The Government of Canada’s website. The students will be able to work at their own pace from home while researching a governmental department or agency of their choice. Students will each answer one of the top 25 most frequently asked questions of the Canadian government in order to answer and educate their peers on the ‘real world’ issues facing the Canadian Government and themselves.


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