Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ed 3508 Assign #2

What is good technology integration?

Effective technology integration encourages students to think about what they need to learn, and for this integration to allow for the students to be actively asking their own questions. Technology can be effectively integrated into any class and subject, and integrated into project based and multidisciplinary lessons. Effective integration of technology promotes student exploration and questioning while also allowing students to improve their skills as readers, writers and thinkers. Students questioning should become broader in scope as well as deeper and more reflective.It is essential that the technology used by a teacher in his/her classroom be supporting the teaching and learning, rather than being driven by it.
A good example of technology integration was when Williams'science class integrated technology into the budding of tulips and research of local ecology around their school. The students compared their tulip budding processes with those of other communities. The technology became an integral part of the classroom activites and a powerful computational tool and info. resource for both students and the teacher.

What is not good technology integration?

Technology integration is not effective when teachers are simply 'pouring' the information into the students heads. In this case, there is no application of learning for the students. Teachers might have the skills and knowledge of a certain technology or software, yet are unable to convert this knowledge into effective teaching methods for their students. In these examples, technology is driving the class instead of supporting it through application.

What are some of the barriers to technology in the classroom?

I believe one of the greatest barriers to having or integrating technology into the classroom, is the unfamiliarity of many teachers with the skills, knowledge, and teaching techniques required to integrate this technology effectively into their classrooms. The recent integration of technology into the classroom also means that many teachers are unfamiliar with the history of the technology, and lack the critical thinking necessary for it to be integrated effectively. Lack of funding for technological hardware and software, and teacher motivation to change their teaching styles also create barriers to effectively integrating supportive technology into the classroom.



Blogger Lorraine said...

Hi Trevor,

I like the idea of having students use music to set the tone of the piece...well done. :-)

Good distinction outlined between good and bad tech integration. I like the phrase...poor integration is when teachers just pour in the technology to the lesson'. It sums up the idea that one needs to think critically about technology integration for it to be effective!

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