Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Ed 3505 Assign #1

Hi there! What's up? My name is Trevor Williams and I'm orginally from right here in Lethbridge. I moved away to go to high school on Vancouver Island, but then came back to attend the U of L, where I graduated in 99' with my B.F.A in Dramatic Arts. For the next three years, I lived in Kobe, Japan and taught E.S.L as well as travelling around much of Asia. I found those years enlightening, as well as sparking an interest in teaching. I then moved to Vancouver, where I continued to teach E.S.L at Vancouver International College. This teaching experience in Vancouver affirmed my instincts to enter the teaching profession and come back to Lethbridge once again, (is there a pattern here?) to obtain my B.Ed from the best program in the country.

I'm not a Blogger, and have never blogged before, although I am familiar with the subject. When I heard that we were going to be blogging in class, I was skeptical as I had never blogged before and didn't think I would be comfortable publishing on the net. After reading through all the resources and links to various sites that the class has provided, I'm happy to say that I'm much more excited and comfortable about blogging now, and can see the advantages of using it in the classroom.

Like my personal teaching style, blogging seems to allow for a more open and balanced type of learning to take place between the teacher, students and even their family members. Blogging motivates your students as they become more involved in the learning process. Their work is being published in a place where anyone in the world can read it, which motivates the student to understand the topic, and make clearer and more critical evaluations of the material.

Blogging is a way for students to read and write while sharing and managing information at the same time. Blogging allows students to publish their ideas, which empowers the students and gives the students more confidence in themselves. Through blogging you can hear multiple opinions about a topic. You can work on a blog at any time, and from any place in the world which creates a classroom without boundaries. Blogging allows for students to discuss an issue not only with their teacher, but between themselves, which leads to a more cognitive approach to learning and education.

Although I'm just starting to learn about blogging, it is apparent to me already the multitude of benefits that this subject has to offer. Blogging promotes classroom management, collaboration and strong ties between students and teachers, and is a forum for discussion within the class. Essentially, blogging brings the World into the classroom.



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